My Tree of Life.

We are born into this maze like randomized experiment called life. We are basically created as a random sample, our parents didn’t know the outcomes, they didn’t know what you would look like, or what impact you would have until you were born. You are born into the world a beautiful creature, ambitious for knowledge and constantly evolving. You establish your own thoughts and start aiming high, setting a list of accomplishments you wish to see come to life before your eyes. Some goals short term some long term.

We start off this tiny seed, just a plan in the map and our parents hoping for the best outcome. They make sure that once the seed in planted, it is catered to with the best plant food, that we are watered and in the best environment possible to have adequate growth. We sprout from this soul as a new life, growing taller each day, eventually growing past our boundaries and being replanted in a bigger better atmosphere. I was this tiny plant with my mom completely looking over me and as time passed she set me free into the world. I got replanted into a new atmosphere, out to grow independent and socialized in society. I remember her making this interesting theory about how each human resembles the tree of life. Bearing with us, our own roots, our own cores, our own values, feeding off particular energy and growing ambitious based off our dreams and the life we aspired to live. My dad always told me to reach for the stars, because as long as something divine was looking over me the only thing stopping me from my dreams was myself.

The Celtic Tree of life symbolizes harmony and balance. There are branches reaching skyward and roots spreading deep into the earth below, creating this link between the heavens and the earth. Interesting concept: we are the Tree of Life. Not in a biblical context, because I am not bible smart, but in this elemental way. You have roots, a trunk, branches, leaves and eventually all this fruit growing from your very essence. The roots dig deep, grounds you to always have a place to be remembered by, remaining unchanged. The branch provides you with foundation and your branches hold sustenance. As an individual, you acquire knowledge and establish your own ways of thinking, and you hold dear to your heart traditions and from those core values stems your ideas, your story. Each branch, each experience, each story are your leaves. You’re leaves collect strength, collect wisdom, and eventually your tree grows beautiful flowers that bloom and become fruit. An apple, shiny apple, a whole wagon full of apples all stemming from you, and your mark in this world that you set out to make yours. Every apple that falls from that tree is a mark that you leave in the world, and some part of your essence that someone is feeding themselves with in order to grow and develop from you. Life is constantly growing, changing, sculpting, moving faster than the speed of light. All your apples are a blessing, and those apples change the world. We learn new things everyday, and it’s a constant cycle.

We make opinions about things everyday, that just means we are constantly growing. The tree of life survives all seasons, and even when it looks as if there is no life, it remains and every spring it has new leaves and new fruit

The tree of life, the tree of dreams, the tree of innovation. That’s what I wish to start here. The acceptance that no matter how hard things get, and although we are faced by external forces our tree survives all of this. As an individual you survive all of this because you use these external factors to grow, and our tree gets an extra ring of experience. Rain, snow, drought, our roots will never vanish because we all have a purpose. Your mind wanders and takes you places, question your thoughts and find meaning in them because you went there for a reason. DREAM BIG…Don’t fear what’s to come, embrace the change, because this change is just new opportunity. Someone once told me that one way or another the world needed my words, because they mean something. Apples, it takes one Apple to change the world.


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