to the legendary class of 2016.

On June 2nd 2016 I made history. I lived through a day that was a complete experience and everything I dreamt it would be. I sat next to my best friends and as I switched my tassel from left to right, a dream came true. I am a graduated historian, my mom’s only child and father’s only daughter who has finally become a college graduate. This is only the beginning, a scary beginning of a more interesting road to follow. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this exceptional experience. It may be bittersweet because it has made up so many years of my life but with God first, I can accomplish anything!

I dedicate the following to the legendary class of 2016. We made it!

Graduation is the Sun

 Shining rays of hope, opportunity, the door of sadness,

That phoenix that crashed and burned,

Becoming…Flames that gave life to,

The longing,

The passion,

The desire,

To accomplish dreams, sealed with hooded honor, prestigious cap and completion of Great Work.

That paper, so meticulously folded, in the red ribbon of

New Beginnings.

The Sun, that cosmic eye, concentrated and intense,

Viewing outwards…

To that tender embrace, the tears, the emotion… love.

Divine rejuvenator of the day,

The day you are born again,

Set forth to push limitations,

The world is your oyster,

Clarity and growth.

Of all the days she saw the sun, today marks a day in particular,

The day she welcomed in haste,

But dismissed in agony,

Today she saw dominion.

Her dreams a reality, opposition a foreign language.

Today her world was conquered.

Curls in the sun, cap in the air,

Her hard work earned,

A New Beginning.


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