The Tree. Our Tree.

The Tree. Our Tree.

Yesterday was far away

How your beautiful eyes gazed at me

The pendulum struck now, and I was consumed

In your eyes I saw the picket fence of my dream home,

The autumn leaves rustling far away,

The picturesque narrow road, becoming more slender in the distance,

Tangled coils leading to a particular destination,

A sea monster constricting what rightfully belonged to it.

You didn’t know that then.

As the lights dim on paradise,

The road became the path less travelled

But I discovered my most precious work of art

Those were the words left unspoken. At that very moment…

I must have been a lonely person to think those things then

How can one be in paradise but long this way, paradise isn’t everything.

Not then, not now.


It was destined. It was mine. It was yours. Why?

Why do things that flawlessly come together tragically fall apart?

The silent whispers

The empty stares

Those are the words left unspoken. They marked me.

There’s a compass lodged deep inside us,

Our decisions being the most influential of navigators,

But why do we feel this way?

There was that touch that changed me forever,

That awkward evening when it all came together

You grasped me for desire and I engulfed in you hope

There is a world out there for the taking… and I chose you


We have been delivered into this life

To Whom It May Concern: but there is something that matters even more

The wooden home was falling apart

And we disappeared into the darkness

I seek you for comfort and you watch me grow

The branch seemed to break, but the tree remains there still.

The tree. Our tree.