When do we give up? Seriously when? Is it when you walk in Union Square and realized that you finally knew exactly how you felt? Or is it when you drove miles into what was supposed to be the perfect initiation to a new beginning. Was it when love was replaced by hate? Or when you the look in his eyes just wasn’t the same.

When do you walk away? Is it when the affection you knew was replaced with pain. When no matter what you say, nothing seems to change. When do you walk away? Is it when you no matter how much your mind is telling you to go, you choose to fight? Or is it after you stood the night? When do you walk away?

This seems to be the common dilemma; the experience everyone has been through. But why must this be what we understand as love? Things worth having don’t come easy and you fight for what you want. But when does the fighting stop? When can love just conquer all, that is what the quote says.

I get the pain makes it real, and the struggle and fight to get up and foster hope is the reminder that we are very much alive. But when do we give up? When do we give up?