Beneath the Surface.

The older you get, the more you realize that it isn’t about the material things, it’s about the moments you can’t explain, the memories you will never forget, and our hearts and who they beat for… It’s about the moments that spring up on you and that summer you will never forget. About the heartfelt glances promising new beginnings and a journey yet to unfold.

“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.” – Dele Olanubi

Ever close your eyes and picture a calm. A place where despite the imperfections of life, your soul is at peace and you are completely and inexplicably happy. My calm, the ocean, the beach rather. With my hands in the sand and the water splashing at my feet, I feel complete. I picture myself sitting right by the shore, curly hair moving gracefully with the wind, perfectly imperfect. I see myself looking past the shore into the blue abyss, wondering what hides deep beneath the ocean. And right there… there is the calm. When everything turns a deeper blue and you get lost observing the beauty. Entertaining the thoughts of what could be, the hopes and dreams that are far beneath your reach. Then losing all recollection of time or space, you are rather wondering what happens inside this blue abyss. Way past the beauty you recognize as the surface.

Then something different happened. As I found my calm above the surface, he found his calm deep within. Where the magic I only dreamed of above the surface, became a reality full of life and depths to discover. What was so different back then?

It’s good to live safely but there is nothing wrong with looking for more. Feeling that you deserve more. Opening new doors and exploring. There is nothing wrong with welcoming what you only thought was a dream lying above the surface. Find your dream, and hold onto it.


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